LitOUTer Project Training with Mukhtars in the District of Araklı

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Another project training was conducted on April 21st, 2022 in the District of Araklı, Trabzon. The training was targeting the local stakeholders especially the ‘mukhtars’ (headman) community in the District of Araklı. Mukhtars play an essential role in the social structure of their neighborhood. Mukhtar has the authority to urge their neighbor and community to be wiser in managing waste.

The District of Araklı is one of the busiest districts in Trabzon. It is located five km to the west of the District of Sürmene which is the main focus location of this project. One of main stream (Karadere Sream) that flows to the Black Sea are located in Araklı. In 2010, it is estimated that Karadere Stream in Araklı has a total load litter of 63.72 m3/year in 100 ha (Güneroğlu, 2010). The district also receives seasonal tourists and stop by for visitors traveling from and to Anatolian part in the South.  Recently, a high capacity and modern recycling facility were built in Araklı.

A total of nineteen people was participated the training. The training was started with a presentation by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Coşkun ERÜZ as the project leader and short discussion to assess mukhtar’s understanding on marine litter (sources, impact, and solutions) starts from their daily basis to their neighborhood. Then continued to a discussion (questions and answers) sharing experience on managing litter in their neighborhood. The training participants were showing their enthusiastic on dealing with litter

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